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Cubist Still Life

(Salon challenge #2 - part 2)

For our reveal, we met at Patrick's house, ate a lovely
Chanterelle pasta meal (so delicious....thanks P)
and then unveiled our challenge

My painting - I think I will call it Apex.



I think we were all surprised at how cool our paintings turned out, 
how colorful they were using that 8 color limited palette 
and how much fun it was!

Our methods were all just a little different. 
Patrick set his items on a platform 
and viewed them from there,
 and I think arranged them differently as he painted. 
Barbara had the items in her studio, 
not really arranged any certain way (she did that in her head) 
and painted them as she went. 
Timi sketched hers out, 
sometimes standing on a chair looking down at the items,
 then cut up the page and rearranged it to paint.

We understood that cubism is seeing objects from different perspectives and
we each made unique paintings in our own cubist style!

I learned that I would like to try more paintings in this way, 
using perhaps a more monotone palette like Braque and Picasso did, 
and breaking the objects and their parts up
more with lines and angles. 
I think I found it harder to do with all those round things we had on our list!

All lined up to see relative sizes

Apex       Oil on panel     24 x 24 inches

It was a great experience for all of us. 
I hope you learned something, too!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop in.

Happy painting!

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Chris Lally said...

Wow! What an adventure, Teri! LOVE the artwork. Everyone had such great results.
Thanks for sharing!!