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Treadwell Ditch Trail "A Lovely Hike"

Along the Treadwell Ditch Trail, Douglas Island, Juneau, Alaska.

A Lovely Hike  (b&w)
I just finished a commission painting that was a no pressure painting. How many commissions can you say that about?
I did what I wanted to do and the client was happy.

Here are progress photos that I remembered to take!

This panel (a gessoed masonite board) was meant for another painting,
but I abandoned that idea.

My sketch (and notes) from a photo that the client took. 
I originally wanted to take my set-up and go out to the trail and get the painting started.  
Time got away from me and winter began, so I didn't do it.

The following photos show the mark makings as I stumbled through.

I knew I wanted the vanishing point about 1/3 up from the bottom.
To me the photo showed the trees all "almost" pointing 
toward another vanishing point up in the sky.

I think if you had hiked the ditch trail, you would recognize it in this painting.
I have hiked it many times and love it. From our house, doing a circle route,
the hike is about 7 miles.

The most fun was painting the understory and the path, 
trying to leave some of the underpainting showing 
but giving the feeling of lots of senescing vegetation.

I want to go hike it soon again!

A Lovely Hike (Treadwell Ditch Trail)    24 x 18   oil on Masonite    Teri Gardner Robus

Thank you so much for checking this blog.
 I appreciate you!


Plein Rein 2020 new calendar time!

The plein air painters of Juneau, AK 
(Plein Rein Painters - this link is for the facebook page) 
have made a calendar for many years
and I have been involved for a few of the recent calendars.

Our method of selection is quite democratic; 
we submit up to 3 images
and then on one day we show up
and vote for 14 our favorites. 

One for each month, one each 
for frontispiece and the package cover.

This year my painting (painted IN June) is the June 2020 calendar page!
I am honored to be in this famous calendar.

I never did blog about this group plein air outing, 
so I will now ... here are the photos from that day.

Above photo is the original scene from where I was standing
  (out-standing in the field ... 🤣) ... sorry ...

I remembered to take some progress photos!

My fav wildflower, if I must pick, is the Shooting Star.

There were a ton of them out in the wetlands 
of Eagle River (a bit of the river is showing in the painting).

Shooting Star Blanket       oil   en plein air   8 x 10 inches
Please note: this painting is now in a private collection in Austin, Texas.

Thanks so much for checking in ... happy fall and happy painting!



Conundrum (art exhibit)

I'm not in a conundrum,
this is the title of our show.

Front of postcard

Back of postcard

Challenge #1 
We didn't know when we did our memory painting challenge 
that we even wanted to have a show!
(Note: Patrick painted over his cat painting, I cannot find mine;
so two of these are photos - the gray & black one on bottom L and the reddish cat at top R.)

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

Challenge #4

Challenge #5

Challenge #6

Challenge #7

Sorry I didn't crop some of these photos ...

Challenge #8

I decided, upon suggestion of my husband, actually, to put paint swatches up for the challenges with a limited palette, to show what we used. 
I missed the close-up photo of the swatches for challenge #2.

Us 4
We had a great time at our opening! So many people!

Wish you could all see it in real life. I hope some of you Juneau people
go before we take it down. 
Let me know and I can personally guide you on a tour!

Thanks for checking this blog, I so appreciate your interest!


Challenge 8 progress photos

 white pastel pencil to mark my light areas
This post is for those of you who are interested in
 my progression through a painting.

Our challenge was to paint with a limited palette,
no brushes, 20 x 20 or larger canvas/panel format, 
use thick impasto style, and paint a portrait of an elderly person.

Here are my progress photos.

Limited palette of red, blue and yellow + white - and I used Liquin Impasto
Dark gessoed canvas with gridlines

the drawing

When I sprayed fixative to set the charcoal and pastel,
I forgot to test the spay nozzle, so
it blobbed out a bit. No worries, though.

First paint - Yellow!

Heyyy!!!   oil on canvas   20 x 20 inches
Thank you for your interest! 

Next post will be about our show,
now at the JAHC Gallery. 

The turn out was fantastic! 
We were very pleased with all the questions and interest in our project.
(And I wasn't sick!!!)