Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


Virtual Paintout, June 2013 - The Azores


 Street View - a lake in the Azores    oil on prepared panel    5" x 7"

is on one of nine Azore islands in the North Atlantic west of Lisbon, Portugal. 
My favorite part of this painting is the lady with her arm outstretched like Lewis and Clark.

I haven't submitted this to the virtual paintout, yet. 
This painting is on a panel that had some acrylic base paint of test colors. 
I just painted over the top with white gesso and that is the ground for this little painting.
Not quite sure it works, 
but I can tell you that it looks much better in person than in a photo.


Happy Summer!

2.25" x 3.75"

We arrived home last week and jumped back into the fray. 
Lots of Wyoming stuff to find again (!) and put away. 
I have some paintings I made along the way 
... will post them later, some are ok ... 
[some not - may show you the "not" ... we'll see]

Yesterday a bunch of plein air painters (The Plein Rein Painters of Juneau) 
met artist Susi Havens-Bezaire to paint! (the link goes to her blog/website)
Susi is travelling in a big RV with her husband up the west coast of the USA 
beginning from Tucson, Arizona (their trip began on January 1, 2013)
 - finding plein air painting groups and painting every place they go!

I am very happy to report that the weather has been grrrreat in Juneau these past several days -  and we met at Foodland choosing the Thane Ore House beach to paint.

I made a preliminary thumbnail sketch (above) and began sketching in the scene on my prepared gessoed and orange-acrylic-ed board (below):

The reason I put orange acrylic on the board was that I wanted to make the greens stand out. I began to get worried when I wasn't covering up the orange very well out there.

Spring at the Thane Ore House beach      8" x 10"    oil on board
Don't know if I will keep this title...anyone have a suggestion?
Worked on this a little more this morning and, well, there you have it.

I like to look to see how the values turned out so below is the b&w.

Oh! Matt, me and a few friends of ours hiked Mt. Juneau (3,576 feet high) after I finished painting on the beach! It was a gorgeous gorgeous vew from the tippy top. 
The hike was great
(also a little scary) and the first time Matt or I had ever done it! 

We saw Mountain Goats, heard Whistlepigs (Marmots), saw masses of teensy-tiny tundra spring flowers, ate some Twisted Stalk, spruce tips and fiddleheads and
got really tired, but a sip of some good Okanagan vino helped revive.

Thank you for checking out my art blog!