Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


Crawford Notch - Day 2

 I am not very far into this painting, but when the two are next to each other like this, 
I think it might work!
It is challenging to work larger. And in a square format.

One painter/blogger I follow (of many) is Cathleen Rehfeld who lives in Oregon, 
where I was born.

I appreciate her loose style and her color work. She does landscape and still life paintings with a brisk clean method of applying paint.

Sometimes I wonder if I should learn to play chess so I can learn to plan ahead.

Nah....I would rather paint.

We are taking off for southern points for Thanksgiving visiting, so not sure I will make much more progress on this until we are back (in two weeks). But I will have my artrage app and perhaps be able to try some stuff for this painting with it! ... and BlogGo seems to be working again, so I may try to post little things on the go.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


Crawford Notch II - on the easel

Crawford Notch II

So, not sure if any of you follow other artist's blogs, but I do and the ones that I follow post their paintings and I learn something each time I view one.

And each time I begin a painting, I feel like I have no idea what I am doing ...

... so here we go again. I decided to do a bigger painting 
of the small study I did at Crawford Notch.

These are a coupla photos of the start.



Mt Jumbo from the mainland - iPad painting
oops, I should have posted this
over at my painting daily blog

ok, from now on the artrage stuff goes there



October - Nauset Marsh

We were so excited to see Nauset Marsh on Cape Cod. This is where Frank Weston Benson had a hunting cabin and did many sketching
 studies for his magnificent bird etchings, which we were able to make appointments to SEE at the Boston Public Library 
AND the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

We were allowed to take photos, so here are a couple of his wonderful etching prints:

We hiked out the trail to Salt Pond at Nauset Marsh.

I set up right here and there was a GBH (Great Blue Heron) hunting at the edge of the water. We were very quiet and sat very still and he didn't mind us. 
He hunted and caught stuff right there in front of us!

 This is the scene I painted.

This me painting. 
Several people were hiking the trail. Some were quiet and just went on by 
and some stopped to chat.

in situ

Nauset Marsh, October       8" x 10"       Oil on prepared canvas board

It is ok. I think there are some things I can fix, value-wise.
I like it because I loved the area.


October on Cape Cod

I wanted to paint on the beach that Matt and his family always went to when he was a boy.

This is the view down on the beach looking north ...

... and looking south.

He remembers the parking as being just a blown out area of sand - now it is a large macadam parking lot with bathrooms nearby and also, now there is a stairway down to the beach whereas, when he was last there - 50 years ago (!) one just skuttled one's way down the sandy bluff.

So ... the story behind the jackets wrapped around my legs is that the biting flies on the beach were HORRENDOUS! .. and we didn't have any bug dope, so if I wanted to stay there and paint, this was the solution! Stylish .... no?

    Newcomb Hollow Beach          8" x 8"         Oil on birch panel

I had the house wayyyy too big so when I got home, I changed it. Much betta.

Let's see if the b&w will show I used a good value range.

Yep, it is ok.

Thanks for viewing my art!


October - Crawford Notch, NH

This quotes directly from Wikipedia:

"Crawford Notch is the steep and narrow gorge of the
 Saco River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire"

This sketch was done on the day we drove from 
North Conway completely around Mt. Washington (and almost halfway around again, looking for this spot!).

Red Tree at Crawford Notch      8" x 8"     Oil on prepared board

This is a sketch that I would like to do in a larger painting. That tree was really almost the only red one there, not sure why I put so many more red trees around it. 
Glad i got a photo. 
The b&w isn't a good value study. This is what happens when you spend an hour or less painting!


Kancamancus Hwy, New Hampshire

Hi! I wanted to post the painting sketches I was able to do on our fall trip to the east coast.
This is the first one I was able to paint after leaving the city (NYC).

We took the Amtrak train to Plattsburg NY and rented a car and headed west to visit our friends where we went on a couple of hikes (took photos!) - then drove east.

We took the Kancamancus Hwy through the White Mts to see the colors, but there had been a storm or two blow through and many of the leaves were already down. 
A few trees held on to their leaves though.

Stopped to eat our lunch at this spot; nearly impossible to find a parking area because there were SO MANY cars, both driving and parked.
We lucked out to find this quiet, soothing place on a tiny creek, with no one there!

Kancamancus Lunch Spot    10" x 8"  Oil on canvas board

As I mentioned, this was about an hour's worth of work (ouchy work, too!) - so I am not sure if it will become a larger painting or not. I do like the way this sketch turned out. And I have to fess-up, the color version is "enhanced" from the original, which is a little darker. Usually I try NOT to do that unless the photo is bad ... and that is partly the reason here.