Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


Faces #10 - Fini

JennaMarbles        6"x 6"      oil on panel

Meet Jenna. If you go here ...

you will get a laugh. She is just outrageous.

This is the third time I have tried to post. I tried twice on the iPad with the Blog Go app but must be doing something wrong or don't have the right thing clicked ... 
so this is posted from my 'puter.

I hope to be posting photos, sketches and paintings en plein air along the way 
on our trip to the east coast.

Hope to figure this travel blogging out. It can't be that hard...

Thanks for viewing my blog!


Faces #10 - Day 1

Not sure I will be able to finish this before we leave on our trip
 but I sure would like to.

 I do not want to get caught up in the details...so fast would be good.

Here is the start:

The only people who will know this person are probably GenX-ers.
... and those who look at YouTube videos.

I think a friend sent me her imitation of Sarah Palin (you know who you are). 
When I finish the painting, I will try to remember to link that video for you to see. It is wild.



We drew for 3 hours and this is the result of that effort yesterday.

Really great model. 

She said when she looked at my drawing, she saw her mom. I took that as a compliment but apologized for aging her. She said no, her mother used to model as well and she meant that it reminded her of those drawings.

Thank you for viewing!


VPO for Sept addition

I forgot to add the b&w yesterday, so today's post will be that. 
Again, I like to put the painting in b&w to see if the values read ok.
Then I must figure out more things to paint. 
I do have something I am working on
 but I have to keep that secret for awhile...

Happy Autumn everyone!

(published from my computer, not Blogsy today)


Isle of Wight

This painting was fun to do. I haven't done such an extensive "big house" before.

I love the poplars or whatever they are, the tall trees waving in the wind. It was challenging to get the hedges/bushes right (I hope) and I also love the VW. A friend of mine said, "try not to lose the whimsy of the house and trees" ... well, not sure I captured that but I was thinking of it the whole time!

Isle of Wight - Peekaboo VW oil on gallery wrapped canvas 8" x 8"

Thanks for looking at my art!


Isle of Wight - Day 2


This is Day 2, I am probably not going to paint for a day or two because we will have house guests tomorrow until Saturday ... but we'll see.
I love the VW (do they have those in the Isle of Wight?) poking its nose
out of the hedges!
...and I already love the shadows on the house.




Isle of Wight - Day 1

September Virtual Paintout is The Isle of Wight, England.

I just started (here it is already mid-Sept!) - decided to try some architecture. . .and bushes and trees, and possibly part of a car...

Also am trying out again this Blogsy app.




North Douglas plein air II


 Yesterday I did two paintings and here is the second one. 

I did work fast on purpose for both paintings
 because I tend to nitpick if I go too long ... who doesn't?

You can sort of see the cloud cover in the sky here 
and as you head south, it breaks up!

From the Beach     8" x 10"    oil on Multimedia Artboard

 Multimedia Artboard is very lightweight and tough. It is really great for pastels, but I tried it with oils and this actually may be an underpainting for a future pastel painting. Once the paint is on the board there is NO removing it. I liked the black surface in this case, too.


North Douglas plein air I

Today in Juneau the weather was amazing. Warm and no wind.
I painted for several hours in just a tshirt.

The thing was ... it was sunny down in South Douglas 
and overcast in North Douglas!

The other thing was that even though it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, 
only about 4 people walked by.

This was the view I decided to paint ... seen thru my view finder!

Set up and progression:

Prepared canvas board is toned with Transparent Red Iron Oxide.

Calm before the storm?   8" x 10"   oil on canvas board

I left quite a bit of the iron oxide coming through ... 
probably because it was such an overcast spot! The light was actually quite flat.

(I really like how this b&w looks!)


#9 Faces - Fini!

Thank you for all your guesses!

Kongar-ol Ondar      oil on panel     5.5" x 6"

This guy is Kongar-ol Ondar (March 29, 1962 – July 25, 2013) 
who was a throatsinger from Tuva, a small Russian republic north of Mongolia.

I thought he was so interesting when I happened to run across a YouTube video of him on the Letterman show that I took a screen shot and thought I might make a "Faces" of him.

When I learned that he recently died at the age of 51 (!) I thought I would do this as a sort of tribute to him. He seemed a very nice, jolly guy. 
I did find myself smiling as I was painting him!

 I guess it is said that throatsinging is very hard on the body. He died of a massive brain hemorrhage.

The Los Angeles Times had THIS article on him.

With this painting, I have 9 to form a nice square, 
so perhaps I will have them up in an exhibit someday!

Thank you so much for viewing my art.


#9 Faces Day 3

Getting some pigment on the panel. 
Do you have a guess?
 (One person I have told - so no revealing! ... Hannah!)


#9 Faces Painting - Day 2

My sketch was in vine charcoal on gessoed panel.
 I decided to use alcohol as a wash to set the charcoal. It worked well!
Now I need to get painting.


New Faces painting - Day 1

This is the beginning sketch for my newest "Faces" painting. 
#9!  Stay tuned.


Peterson Lake - Fini

Poof! There are people!

Summer  Woo-Hoo     oil on panel      24" x 18"

The title is because the kids in the boat were yelling 
and disturbing the peace having a ball.
They were waiting on some friends who were hiking up after them. 
These two rowed over to the lake outfall and picked up a bunch of others! 
The boat was full. Lots of woo-hoo-ing.

Thank you for viewing my work.


Peterson Lake Day 5

I have been working on this. It has taken me awhile.

Think I might be just about finished. Need to put people in the boat...