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#9 Faces - Fini!

Thank you for all your guesses!

Kongar-ol Ondar      oil on panel     5.5" x 6"

This guy is Kongar-ol Ondar (March 29, 1962 – July 25, 2013) 
who was a throatsinger from Tuva, a small Russian republic north of Mongolia.

I thought he was so interesting when I happened to run across a YouTube video of him on the Letterman show that I took a screen shot and thought I might make a "Faces" of him.

When I learned that he recently died at the age of 51 (!) I thought I would do this as a sort of tribute to him. He seemed a very nice, jolly guy. 
I did find myself smiling as I was painting him!

 I guess it is said that throatsinging is very hard on the body. He died of a massive brain hemorrhage.

The Los Angeles Times had THIS article on him.

With this painting, I have 9 to form a nice square, 
so perhaps I will have them up in an exhibit someday!

Thank you so much for viewing my art.

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