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October - Nauset Marsh

We were so excited to see Nauset Marsh on Cape Cod. This is where Frank Weston Benson had a hunting cabin and did many sketching
 studies for his magnificent bird etchings, which we were able to make appointments to SEE at the Boston Public Library 
AND the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

We were allowed to take photos, so here are a couple of his wonderful etching prints:

We hiked out the trail to Salt Pond at Nauset Marsh.

I set up right here and there was a GBH (Great Blue Heron) hunting at the edge of the water. We were very quiet and sat very still and he didn't mind us. 
He hunted and caught stuff right there in front of us!

 This is the scene I painted.

This me painting. 
Several people were hiking the trail. Some were quiet and just went on by 
and some stopped to chat.

in situ

Nauset Marsh, October       8" x 10"       Oil on prepared canvas board

It is ok. I think there are some things I can fix, value-wise.
I like it because I loved the area.

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