Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


Paintings at the JAHC Gallery show (continued)

Several months ago, my husband was carving a beautiful, 3/4 size raven 
and had painted his white gesso-like Kilz undercoat on it. 
I snapped this photo and was intrigued by the image.

By the way ... this is how the carved raven turned out:

Here are a couple of progress photos for my painting Fiat.
As always, I love to see the progression of paintings, so I try to post those too,
when I remember to take photos.

(Fiat Latin translation is = "let it be done" ... )

And the final painting - 

Fiat 2017     Oil on Arches Huile paper     8 x 6 inches

I am so happy to say it has found a new home as well! Thank you Michelle M!

Thank you for checking in to this blog, it means a ton to me to see that people are viewing it!

Happy Spring!


The Shape of Things to Come II

One of our goals for the March exhibit was to step out of our comfort zone
and produce fun, different paintings from our "usual" ...

Here is the mini "Shape of Things..." that challenged me in a very new way 
to produce something enticing, 
yet small and reminiscent of the large pastel 

The Shape of Things to Come II  2017  Acrylic medium & pastel on wood   4 x 6 inches

Well, maybe it is only enticing to me.

I welcome your thoughts.

Thanks so much for checking in!


The Shape of Things to Come

I painted pastel over the top of this older painting ... what's that called ... ? 
... oh yes,   Pentimento.
I can see some of the original painting, 
but it would be hard for someone else to find.

Looked for a photo of my original oil but had no luck finding it. 
That's ok because perhaps 100 years into the future if someone wanted to, 
they could x-ray the painting and find that "bad" painting underneath.

The Shape of Things to Come  (2016)  Pastel over oil on canvas   22 x 26 in

Thank you for checking in!


Thinking II

Today is the opening of our group show!

a n d

I am sick and could not go ...

So anyway, here is the blown up version 
of my last post (Feb 26th) - a small 6 x 8 inch one called Thinking. This one is bigger!

Thinking II        Oil on canvas        24 x 36 inches

I got some great comments when I asked what you thought that couple was thinking!

Matt made scones for the opening and took a couple of photos for me.
I am sad to have had to stay home, 
but am very glad my two partners are there representing!
Thank you Barbara and Timi for doing this cool show with me! 
I will post a couple of their paintings here on my blog after asking permission.

Thank you for checking in to this sporadic blog! 
I am going to be blogging and posting my JAHC show paintings
 and (if I have them ... ) their progress shots.

Spring is on the way! I think ... there are about 8 inches of snow out here, so ...
positive sunny thoughts everyone :)


Thinking about ...

This is a painting that I decided to "blow up" as in, make larger.

Thinking   6 x 8 inches  Oil on Arches Huile Paper

I shot this couple surreptitiously at a Portland hotel restaurant from across the room. I have had the photo for a long time ... finally just decided to paint it.

Titled it thinking, but what do you think they are thinking about?

Next post will be the large size.


One week away! Juneau Alaska Painting Exhibit Opening - "Kaleidoscope Eyes"

With Kaleidoscope eyes
shapeshifters escape artists,

unlearn how the light
gets in optic verve,
taking chances, eyes wide

open - poetry of space.

postcard for our show

Dearest blog readers! 
In one week our show is opening.

Art enthusiasts and collectors 
in Juneau, Alaska 
will have the opportunity 
to view three local artists' recent work! 

 Please stop by the JACC - 
 March 3, 2017 
between 4:30 and 7 pm to meet the artists, 
or stop by anytime during the month of March 
until April 2, 2017 to quietly view the show.

We are so excited to exhibit this show - 
more than a year in planning. 
It is a step out of our comfort zone 
... and what is different about that?
 For artists, that is de rigueur for our days ... 
we are always doing something out of our comfort zone. 
N'est-ce pas?

Stepping out into our abstract theme is:

Blaze        2016   Oil on canvas panel   12 x 9  

I love to check values with b&w ... I think this one works!

I'll be posting my paintings that will possibly be in the show, so stay tuned!
Thank you so much for opening this post.
I appreciate it so much!


The one that got away

I also painted this one day:

3/4-inch Minus     Oil on panel    23.75 x 17.75 inches

... and entered it into the juried show. 
It was not chosen but that's ok, 
I think I will put it in our group show in March 
... YIKES, March will be here very soon!

The frame is black, about 2 inches and made by my husband!!

Thank you, Matt!
 (this is just the first of many thank-you's because there will be more frames, etc to be made!)

Cheers everyone ... keep on painting!


Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Juried Art Exhibit

Every other year our arts council sponsors an art show 
juried by an Alaskan artist. 
I entered two pieces in the show and one was chosen!
This is the one that is in the show:

Fairmeadows Jersey Farm (3M Ranch ... Mud, Misery & Manure), oil on panel, 13 x 16 inches
I posted it in this blog before - February 2016.

This painting isn't for sale 
because it has so much meaning for me. 
Even more now since 
my father died this past October 29 at 91 years old.
The ranch meant the world to him and it still does to my family.

I am so grateful that Southeast Alaska artist Evon Zerbetz selected my painting and am heading over soon to see the show. (I was out of town for the opening on January 6.)

Reading that post from last year, I mentioned that I would post a photo of this painting in its frame:

Hope everyone's new year is starting out well with good plans and high hopes for the year.

Cheers and happy painting!


As summer wanes ...

... I've been working on a fun colorful painting from a bouquet that I put together 
with Peruvian Lilies (Astroemeria) and Sunflowers!

A stretcher frame - of sorts - that I found ages ago 
surfaced in my (newly cleaned!) studio. I really liked the size.

  I had my woodworker husband shape the inside edges
so the canvas could be stretched neatly over the bars, 
so they wouldn't show thru the canvas. 

Don't have a photo of that, dang. 

I stretched the canvas over that wooden frame 
and prepared the canvas with a dark gray gesso.

 Here is what the back of the painting looks like. 

Here are the Alstroemeria. (On their last legs ... the sunflowers didn't last very long.)

The painting went from a pencil sketch to 
this watercolor (pencil) sketch -

- to this -

- and this is the finished painting!
Sunflowers + Alstroemeria    oil on canvas    21 x 14 x 1.25 inches

Thanks so much for dropping by to see what I've been up to. It has been quite a nice summer here in SE AK. I even grew some edible plants outside that the slugs didn't get!


Very Personal Commission - Fini

Of course each commission we do is personal. 
This one is more so. 
Because of the relationship, the requests, the colors, the feeling ... the ease.

This is the painting at last post. The white-ish foreground too bright.

With the bright and green tones scaled down
and seen through a light grayish tint ... 
 the original background still resonates.

Why wasn't there a shadow by the nectarine painting? 

Ok, much better.

For Karen    oil on panel   12 x 8 inches

What does it mean, say the words, that the earth is so beautiful? 
And what shall I do about it? 
What is the gift that I should bring to the world? What is the life that I should live? 
 - Mary Oliver

(Thank you Karen!)


VPC - 3

The surprising thing (for me)
 was that the painting needed to have one of the books be a tall one. 
Different than my own painting that I was "copying" 
- this one:

The composition is a little different. So, the last book is taller, poppies now have some color:

A couple of petals fell.

This is how it looked on the easel. Notes everywhere. 

At this point I showed my patron the painting and she thought - and rightly so, 
that there was too much green in the back and foreground. So I began messing with it.
(But she loved the books!)

The photo below shows a piece of acetate film clipped to the panel -
 I tried a new color by painting over it, finding it was much too light in the foreground ...

... even when trying a shadow.

So, I tried a different color over the top 
and it seemed to work so I went for it. 
Next post will be the last, and I will have the frame finished as well.
 Thank you very much for hanging with me!



VPC - 2

Day 2 of my painting commission (VPC = very personal commission) -

This photo is where I sketched into a layer of beige-y paint. 
I liked the lines in the paint.

Adding color to those ghostly shapes. Oh and I must mention 
that one of the things the painting had to include, was the image 
(a kind of trompe l'oeil) of a painting 
already hanging on her kitchen wall -
- the nectarines from day 18 in my project

Click the link to go to that blog date ... or, here they are:

Can't believe I remembered to take progress shots. 
A surprising thing happened in the next stage.
Stay tuned!
and thank you for checking in!



I just finished a VPC - Very Personal Commission -
personal for my patron, and for me!

(the following several posts will be sharing my thoughts
 and photos of the painting progression)
It was such an honor to paint such a painting. I thought long and hard about it ... 
mostly after this initial sketch:

My patron 
(I am delighted to title her this because she has three! of my original oil paintings in her home!) wanted to round out 
a little gallery wall of paintings in her kitchen with this small painting.

We decided on 12 x 8 inches with a small, Matt Robus-handmade frame. 
She mentioned she did like this painting -

Still Life with Hopper   14 x 11  oil on canvas
(posted HERE on April 28)
because of the blue vase, and the books and the slightly trompe l'oeil card in front of the books. 
(I had set this up in my studio and mainly because I love Edward Hopper, I "needed" to paint it.)

More about this commission next post.
Thanks for viewing!!



Bright Winter - in situ

I just wanted to show you the spot in his home where my friend,
Jerry Smetzer put his new painting.

Bright Winter (Missouri House) 
 in situ

Jerry told me, 
"The three photo images around your painting are shots of Afghanistan,
taken from a calendar, where I served in the Peace Corps.
Your painting is very evocative of my growing up on a farm in Northern Ohio. 
 These three images of Afghanistan are also evocative of a very important period 
in my growing up years after college."
I am thankful and honored that he chose my painting to display 
with other images so sentimental to him.

Thank you sir!

... and thank you, followers, for checking in.

Next post will be progression photos of a commission I am nearly finished with.



Equine Challenge - 2

 So on top of the black gesso on the boards, went the lighter color, 
getting the shapes dialed in so it looked like a horse ...

Adding the color and figuring out what to do with the large blank back wall ... 
I decided that there was a window in the back of the stall. 
How to paint it so that it looks like a window and not a painting hanging there, 
was harder than it sounded.

This is what it looked like on my easel.

 This version totally seemed as if a painting was hanging on the wall behind the horse.

 This one is much better.

Confident    oil on wood,  15 x 21 inches

Ta da! 
First time I have ever painted a horse portrait! 
I have to admit it was fun, and I believe the horse looks happier than the photo.

Thanks for viewing my painting efforts.
I would love to read your comments and I will answer them too!