Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


30in30 - Day 20

Matcha Delight
Honesty, Quality & Authenticity
This matcha green tea powder from AOI Tea (those 'words to live by' are on the container) has been in my fridge for some time. 
I've been meaning to get it out and have some and today is the day!

Matcha Delight       6 x 8 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

This Japanese matcha green tea is exactly those colors! Use the little bamboo spoon to dip 1 or 2 scoops of the powder into the tea bowl (in this case it is again a little ceramic bowl that I made). Add a bit of hot but not boiling water and whisk with the bamboo whisk 
until the tea gets foamy. Sip.

Leslie's blog today reveals that she loves Paris! I hope to find out if I will love Paris one day.

Whisking right along - this is the 20th painting of Stuff In My Fridge.

Thanks for sticking with me!


30in30 - Day 19

Eggs & Ceramic Bowl

Yikes, I am very late posting this, but it will still be on the 19th day of the challenge. 
And for those of you who forgot what my theme was ... it is "Stuff In My Refrigerator".

Everyone has painted or drawn eggs as an exercise: making an image look 3D, or not using line, working on value, shadows, etc. - yes? 
So, these were in my refrig. I love the little bowl. I made it a few years ago. It has the most beautiful lapis lazuli blue glaze inside that inspired the whole painting. 

  pencil sketch

charcoal sketch, then alcohol wash

Eggs & Ceramic Bowl      6 x 8 inches     Oil on Arches Oil Paper

Today Leslie's post was that she loves flea markets (her theme is '30 Things You Don't Know About Her').  I love to go to them as well, but there are no such things here in little Juneau. We have thrift/resale shops and garage sales - that's it.

Cheers and thanks for viewing my art!


30in30 - Day 18

Cold Nectarines

When you have too many ripe nectarines, you must put them in the fridge 
so they won't spoil.

Charcoal sketch, then alcohol wash, then adding some paint.

Cold Nectarines       6 x 8 inchs      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

This was done mostly with knife, a little with a big brush.

Thanks for stopping by!


30in30 - Day 17

Ice Ice Baby

I have never painted an ice cube before ...

... so I put it on a little pedestal. Some of you are going, hey! was that in your refrigerator? To that I answer, well, the freezer is part of a fridge, right? So ...

Trapezoidal Ice Cube       6 x 5 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

I like how this came together. I wanted to use my gorgeous turquoise paint for the background, then added a teensy bit of violet to white paint which made a beautiful icey lavender and there was my ice! Truly a limited palette ...

... and I had to paint FAST!

I am posting to Slices of Life very late today so I am No. 241, if you go looking for this on that blog. Is it my imagination or do the paintings seem to be getting better and better and the month marches on?

Thanks for hanging in here with me!


30in30 - Day 16

In my refrigerator, this little tube of tomato paste by Amore caught my eye, so here it is!

Little boring sketch ...

... and then my husband popped his head in the studio and said, 
are you gonna take the cap off and have the paste oozing out? 
So I sketched that and thought I would give it a go.

I only remembered to take one progress photo ... this even after I said to myself, "self, don't forget to stop and take a photo or two."

Amore - tomato paste      6 x 8 inches     Oil on Arches Oil Paper

Did you realize how many pastes this company makes? This tomato paste in a tube,  Pomodoro Amore in un tubo, is very handy to have on hand 
in case you want to make pizza sauce, marinade, curry, etc.

Pears are quite fun and luscious to paint with a knife, it's true!

Although this painting was NOT done with a knife, it was fun to do.

Thanks for viewing my art!


30in30 - Day 15!

Hoppy Poppy

Half the month is finished! Wheee!

We have been brewing beer for a couple of months now. One batch was brewed with our son, Olin, and he and his girlfriend have a puppy named Poppy
 - you might see the connection ...
I have a couple more progress photos today.

first sketch

 charcoal sketch and then the alcohol wash

painting before signature and before removing the tape

Hoppy Poppy     8 x 6 inches    Oil on Arches Oil Paper

I must give credit to the artist who did the sketch of Poppy that we then used for the beer label - our son's girlfriend, Patricia! She did an excellent job of capturing Poppy's character and it just makes me smile every time I see it.
I am pretty happy with this fast painting. I didn't use the palette knife much today.

There are some fantastic paintings over at Slices of Life by Leslie Saeta, so you should check them out! Leslie's painting today just buoys me up! (so sorry...)


30in30 - Day 14

... sometimes called Williams Pear? huh?

Well, in all my years I have never heard of a Williams pear ... anyway, my cousin grew this little beauty on her farm in Oregon 
and I got to bring it home along with those wonderful Gravensteins!

Chris' Pear       6 x 5 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper
Love this sepia image for checking values on this pear.

Two weeks down, tomorrow is half the month gone. 
I wonder how many people will stick with it to the end? 
Be sure to take a gander 
at the paintings of those who are posting @ Leslie Saeta's blog!

Happy painting and thank you for checking in.


30in30 - Day 13

Farinata Pizza!
 So, if you haven't been introduced to Farinata, you should take a look at the link.
We made this pizza for dinner last night and it is a great lunch the next day. (Not today though, cause I had to paint it! ... so we will eat it tomorrow.)
We use Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo/Fava bean flour. We sometimes add a little yeast. It is easy and sooooo delicious! We make a dough and put the toppings on just like a pizza. In this instance we had home-made pizza sauce, anchovies and smoked oysters (a terrific combo, btw ... no really, try it you anchovy doubters!), fresh moz, mushrooms and tom's.

Farinata Pizza      6 x 8 inches     Oil on Arches Oil Paper

I have used this ceramic plate before in a painting....long ago I used it to paint some mandarin oranges. 
The date was 12/11/2009! Yikes! I made the plate in ceramics. 
It is wonky, but fun and I really like it.
Happy 28th Anniversary to Leslie Byrd Saeta who is a go-getter supreme! Click on that link to see a photo of her wedding dress that she MADE! It is beautiful. I will take a moment also to thank Leslie for sponsoring this challenge ... I am learning tons and having fun, even though I almost wait too long to get downstairs to paint!

Thanks so much for following along!


30in30 - Day 12

Best Apple (in my opinion)

Small sketch

in progress, before the apple colors

My Fav - Gravenstein!         5 x 6 inches        Oil on Arches Oil Paper
This color is very harsh, not sure why. The painting doesn't look quite as bright as this.

This is what it looks like on the easel.

This was a knife painting, except for the sig.

If you have never tasted a Gravenstein apple, I feel so sorry for you. They make the best pies and applesauce in the whole world.
I can't believe there aren't very many around any more.

I brought a bunch (enough for a pie!!!) home, so I need to make a crust pretty soon. They are awaiting their demise in my refrigerator!

Make sure to stop by Leslie Saeta's Blog to see all of the 30in30 paintings.
Note: There were over 1000 people signed up, but I have been noticing that "only" between 200 and 400 post each day ...

Thanks for keeping up. Please stay tuned!


30in30 - Day 11

New Look! Herring

11th of 30 paintings-to-be in "Stuff In My Fridge"

It's funny how some ideas come and go in your brain. 
I was thinking I may use this in my painting, it sorta looked like a net ... but nixed it.

This is the charcoal/alcohol wash, and I forgot to take some in-progress shots, dang it.
If you are wondering - 
the blue on the edges is painter's tape 
to stick the Arches paper to a panel to set on my easel.

New Look! Herring     8 x 6 inches   Oil on Arches Oil Paper

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like pickled herring? 
... probably not got an ounce of Scandinavian blood then ...

This painting was great fun. I painted most of it with the knife.
Notice in the b&w how the gray and orange are the same value? Cool! (I really like the b&w of this painting!)

take a good look at her paintings; she's a bloomin' palette-knife-only painter!

Thanks for viewing my art!


30in30 - Day 10

(not wine grapes)

Man these things are good! I brought them back from my folk's farm in Oregon!
I think they might be the Muscat variety? So so sweet! Rather unbelievable, really.

Table Grapes     Oil on Arches oil paper   6 x 8 inches

Just a mention here about this Arches Oil Paper I am using - it is fabulous!

Here is a nice review of the 100% cotton paper from a painter named Peter Fiore.

Thank you for following along on
 Leslie Saeta's September 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Any comments are welcome!