Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


30 Paintings framed and ready ...

Ok, so this is not one of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days ... 
but it IS a pic on a fun app that you can use to draw stuff WITH your friends on either an iPhone or iPad (maybe other things too). 
It is from Draw Something by Zynga.

I love it! It is a way to stay in touch with family and friends, too.

... anyway, here are a couple of shots of the 30in30 work:



Photos of my studio table with all of the paintings finished ... and that means: 

waxing and buffing with Dorland's Wax Medium 
painting the frames my husband made
attaching little hangers to the back
making foam core backing (because these paintings were on Arches Oil Paper) 
and writing on them all. 
Whew! It took a couple of weeks working a little each day to get them finished. (There were 30 of the darn things, remember...)

I hope to have a show of these somewhere in Juneau someday, 
because I do think most of them turned out very nicely.

You may, if you look at the photo above, notice my cloth bag that says, 


I got that for my birthday one year. 
I follow an artist named Carol Marine who had them available and it is perfect! You really should check out her blog, and her new painting book, Daily Painting. I have already pre-ordered her new book that is coming out, I think, on November 4. 

We will be heading to the Islands (Hawaii) on Friday, so will not be posting too much. But I will be bringing painting and drawing stuff and will try to post as much as I can.

Thanks for checking in and leaving comments or signing up for email posts.

Happy painting!



Winner of the Giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered the Giveaway.

Last night we put the names into my hat:


Matt drew the name.

Ta - Daaaa!

Steve is the winner 


this painting:

Congratulations Steve! 



Do not forget to comment or email me about the giveaway! (see below)

This is a progress shot as I was standing in the sand - of my Beach@Thane painting that will be JANUARY in the 2015 Plein Rein calendar. 

The calendars will be for sale:

First Friday at Gallery 917 Glacier Ave, Nov. 7


they are on sale right now at
 JAHC downtown Juneau!

There are only about 200 left, so I would recommend getting them sooner rather than later!

How to do the GIVEAWAY -

Just send me an email (teri.robus@gmail.com) saying "giveaway" or leave a comment with the word "giveaway" in the comment section of this blog and your name will be in the hat to win one of my 30Paintingsin30Days original paintings, archival, protected, framed and ready to hang! 

Commenters or emailers, please be sure to leave me your information: NAME and EMAIL. That way if you win I can email and ask your address for sending the painting.

One entry per person please.

I will pick the name of the winner on October 20th.

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Two Weeks! ... and GIVEAWAY!

Two whole weeks have gone by since my last post. I have had some downtime and have been just sketching and not painting. 
But a few days ago I began another painting.

Eventually I will reveal the process and progress on it, but for now I would like to announce that my painting, Beach@Thane was chosen for the 2015 annual calendar always made by the Plein Rein Painters of Juneau, Alaska!

I am Miss January! or Ms January ... or something. Anyway, it is an honor to be in this most prestigious calendar and I am very happy.

Here is the initial thumbnail sketch for the 2015 January painting:

For those who follow this blog, or read this and send me their info (name and email), 
I am having a giveaway! 

Just send me an email (teri.robus@gmail.com) saying "giveaway" or leave a comment with the word "giveaway" in the comment section of this blog and your name will be in the hat to win one of my 30Paintingsin30Days original paintings, protected, framed and ready to hang! 

Commenters or emailers, please be sure to leave me your information: NAME and EMAIL. That way if you win I can email and ask your address for sending the painting.

One entry per person please.

I will pick the name of the winner on October 20th.

Thanks for checking in, thanks for entering the giveaway!


Good Luck!


30 Paintings in 30 Days, September '14 Collage

The Paintings
 They look kinda cool in a collage like this, done with picmonkey.

There were 1053 artists signed up to do the Sept 2014 Challenge.

Wonder how many actually did all 30 paintings?

I am planning out which painting(s) to work on next, 
so see you back here in the next few days!

Oh! I also have a surprise for the followers of this blog, and will reveal it the next time I post.

Cheers and thanks for viewing my art!


30in30 - Day 30!

Stuff In My Refrigerator

I ran out of my Arches Oil Paper, so I am using something new. 
I recently asked for a sample (5x7) of a "mounting board" by Crescent. I really like it. I didn't gesso, just began painting ... well, after I sketched with white conte crayon (see above) and then set it with alcohol.

I remembered to take a progress photo (because I stopped for lunch)!

This is what it looked like before taking the tape off.

Stuff In My Refrigerator       5 x 7 inches        Ultra-Black Mounting Board

detail (my fav part is the milk carton, and the kimchi)

So, it was a really fun, crazy, interesting month. An painting education! Here are the things I think of immediately about this challenge:
1. I still do love to paint!
2. I am learning to trust myself regarding composition, values & colors.

(there are probably more things I learned, but I am kind of tired and want to get this posted)

Just remember to listen to the ArtistsHelpingArtists podcast this week because Leslie will be talking about this September 2014 30PaintingsIn30Days Challenge.

Thanks for hanging in there with me during the month.

Make sure to check back to see what is on my easel from time to time ... a leave me a comment so I know you were there!


30in30 - Day 29

I've had my White River sourdough starter over 20 years and it was >100 years old when I got it. 
It makes really delicious hotcakes and bread and rolls, etc. if I treat it right ... one time I did lose it, 
but fortunately I had given some to a friend who shared it back to me!

thumbnail sketch

 charcoal sketch

 alcohol wash


Sourdough Hotcakes       6 x 8 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper


We had sourdough hotcakes for breakfast yesterday, and these were leftovers.
 I had thought to also paint our delicious Red Currant jelly - so beautifully magenta-hued (dear friends made and shared with us), but essentially ran out of time and energy! 
I was planning something - not really avant garde - but different for me ... (it was going to be a little bit 3D with a tiny canvas mounted on top of this paper ...)
I will try it when I do have more time, and probably use real canvas or board rather than paper.
I wonder if Leslie would like some real sourdough someday ... perhaps she already has some. On her
today she revealed she loves to entertain even more than she enjoys cooking. If you don't know, she holds her painting workshops in her home and one evening makes the class a homemade gourmet meal! She has lots of energy.

I am glad that I did have the energy to do a painting a day for September. Tomorrow is the last day. Guess I had better search the fridge.

Thanks for viewing my paintings!


30in30 - Day 28

HB Eggs

I know - I already painted eggs, but these are hard-boiled ... a whole new challenge.

I took the tape off and then remembered that there was "HB" written in pencil on my egg.
Then I ate it ... not the pencil - the egg!

This was a painting using both brushes and palette knife, and pretty fun, I might add.

HB Eggy Weggs       8 x 6 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

All I can say about Leslie's post today is, Christmas!? ... really? and then I think, well, it really isn't that far away.

Two more days ... I have something in mind for tomorrow, but for Tuesday ... ????


30in30 - Day 27

Butter Pear!
That name describes this 'fruit' more than the real name, I think.
 There are some people who do not like the avocado, and I can think of one who is allergic, but I think most people love them.

Kind of fun to see the thumbnail sketch and then the charcoal sketch next to each other,
then the alcohol wash.
Butter Pear       6 x 8 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper
Leslie states she is not a landscape painter, but I might say otherwise.
Ok, gotta find 3 more things in the fridge to paint!
Happy painting! 


30in30 - Day 26


 It is the 26th day of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge 
with my personal theme of Stuff In My Refrigerator.

I made kimchi exactly a week ago, a really good healthy kind. No monosodium glutamate. No sugar except for fruit and we tried it last night because I had to open the jar so I could get a start on today's painting.

It is amazing! I love it!

You can see the difference here between the charcoal sketch (top) and the alcohol wash. It is really fun to do the wash ... kind of like watercolor!

Healthy Kimchi       8 x 6 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper

Leslie's post today is a palette knife painted pumpkin. Quite gorgeous. 
She has an average of 600 trick-or-treaters for Halloween! 
We do not get any because we live right smack on a busy highway 
and our community hosts a Halloween party for the kids so they don't have to go out 
(it more often than not is raining like crazy at the end of October). 

Leslie asks, "What are you doing for Halloween this year?" and truth be told, we will be in our hotel getting ready to fly to Kona on November 1!

Who else loves kimchi? Who else makes it?

Thank you for hanging in with me!

ps I have NO IDEA what I will find in the fridge to paint for tomorrow and the next 3 days!


30in30 - Day 25

Miso Master

Shiromiso is white miso and if you click the link, Wikipedia will tell you about it.
We love it and it is especially good when you don't feel well. We ran out of it a few weeks ago (it keeps a long time in the fridge) and had to run around yesterday to find it (while we were both feeling bad, btw ...)


Miso Master, Organic!       8 x 6 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper

This painting was super fun, I loved painting the little "miso master guy" and I absolutely love the colors! ... and yes, I am feeling SO much better today! (but not because of miso ... I am on antibiotic)
Today, Leslie's Slices of Life blog reveals she loves to teach painting workshops. She has a very nice set-up and it would be fun to take one of her classes. Maybe one day!

I have neglected all this month (!) to mention that Leslie Saeta is the artist behind the Artists Helping Artists (AHA) podcast where she has a guest host, usually, and many art related topics are discussed; including artist interviews, what brushes are the best, which paints are good, blogging and websites and so much more! The shows are really fun to listen to while you paint and you learn so much!

So, all you artists out there, listen in!

and ... thank you so much for checking in to see my art!


30in30 - Day 24


Radishes on Gray and Black       8 x 6 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

So I painted this in the vertical, but I think it may go better like this:

What do you think?

Here is a shot of my palette on the taboret today:

Even though I am battling a bronchial infection (just got antibiotics today) - I wanted to paint. The urgency of posting every day made me do it, but actually I love to paint 
even when I don't feel good. 
The painting today, since I am under-the-weather, took about an hour. There is something to urgency and not spending too long laboring over a work. I like how this painting turned out (but it was really weird that it looks better in the horizontal).

Less than a week left in this challenge. Here is the link to the gal who is hosting.

Thanks for viewing my art!