Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


Gastineau Channel Plein Air

Gastineau Channel from Thane Beach      Juneau AK     8 x 10 inches    oil on panel

Yesterday was a day for plein air painting in Juneau
 ... it wasn't raining!
Six of us went out to the old Thane Ore House 
and found some good spots to paint. 
I was on the beach but near the beach grass 
and it got a little windy but my umbrella withstood it.

My scene.
I love the tidelines on the sand 
with seaweed and flotsam 
caught in those curves
and the old pilings gently wearing away.

Note the giant cruise ship heading into tiny Juneau.

Thumbnail sketch.
Was going to title it "After DAYS of Rain" cuz it felt so good to be out of a raincoat!

At home in the studio, I fiddled a little with the ocean 
... lightened it a little to better reflect the sky. 
When I get a good photo, I will update.

Thank you for viewing my art!


Cristine said...

I love this image Teri. You color selection really gives a reflective ocean a sunny feel.

Teri said...

Thank you so much Cristine!

Chris Lally said...

Love your painting, Teri, and enjoyed the photos, too!!
Glad you got the chance to get out there and get some vitamin D.

Teri said...

Thank you Chris - it was great. But now the rain is back ... what a summer (NOT).