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George Black Ferry

This little painting was calling to me to finish it, 
so I have been working the past couple days to do that.

You may remember from the August 21 post
I wrote a bit about the ferry - the link takes you back there if you'd like a reminder.

(I had this also on the 8/21 post, but it is kind of cool, so am linking that vid again.)

I should maybe have called this post "Painting an ugly (but reliable) ferry boat".

This was the scene. Sunny and warm.

The ferry on the Dawson City side of the Yukon, letting off cars and getting ready to load a couple of pickups. We watched throughout the several hours that I was painting how the ferry would power its way upstream after shoving off from the other side and drifting downstream a bit.

George Black Ferry - crossing the Yukon       8 x 10 inches oil on panel

For some reason I really wanted to capture the little ugly ferry boat with oils. Of course now it cannot be called a plein-air painting.

That's ok.

Here is the value check. Not bad.

Thank you for checking in!


Sue Marrazzo said...


Teri said...

Thanks Sue! Just curious why you say that? (always wondering why people might like a piece)

Chris Lally said...

Since I don't live in Alaska, that "ugly" ferry boat seems very charming to me. Love your sky and water, the variations in green & the composition, Teri - really nice painting!

Teri said...

Hi Chris! The Yukon River begins in Canada, and although it does run most of its length in Alaska, its source is Atlin, BC, Canada. This ferry crossing is in the Yukon Territory town of Dawson City.
Thanks so very much for your comment.