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Final day Marc Hanson Workshop

Cannot believe the week is gone! Days flew by ...

It was raining quite hard this morning so we met at Mary's house again for a demo then a memory painting exercise.

The day looked like this for awhile.

It stopped raining and Marc began his pastel demo for us
 (incorporating his third and final video for <whereintheworldispleinair.com>)
 My friend Barbara (Be) was the videographer! She did a terrific job!

This is Marc brushing OMS (odorless mineral spirits) over the darks to set them 
so they wouldn't blend too much with the other pastel going on top. 

 After lunch, Marc set a timer for a couple of minutes while we observed a spot and tried to compose a painting in our minds; then he again timed us for 13 minutes as we turned around, not peeking at our scene - and painted from memory. We had 4 sessions of 2 minutes observation, 13 minutes painting. This was extremely difficult for me. I worked on just getting the shapes on to the canvas ... and it turned out rather abstract, which is ok. After this, we painted for 45 minutes actually looking at the same scene.

My exercise is on the right, top being the memory painting, bottom the 45 minute observation painting. 
Not sure whose paintings those were on the left.

This has been an incredible week of plein air painting! 
I feel so lucky to have been a participant in this workshop; 
to meet and learn from wonderful painter and very generous person, Marc Hanson.

Me, Marc & Be
 Happy (plein air) Painting!


Sue Marrazzo said...


Chris Lally said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your workshop experience, Teri. Really nice of you to share it!! Thank you.

Teri said...

Thank you for your comments Sue and Chris. Still digesting workshop material ... and will be for quite some time I think!