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Workshop - Day 3

Some painters would rather paint a tree than a nose, but what if the tree HAS a nose?

There was a discussion today in the Marc Hanson workshop 
about figure painting versus landscape painting, 
and there were those who said they would rather paint the landscape than the figure.
 But when you come right down to it, a figure is just a kind of land-scape, isn't it?

We met today at a park in Longmont and most of us painted near the river. I finished the exercise of painting with less colors than yesterday - using the Ned Jacob palette.

Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Orange
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue

This is my little 6 x 8 Ned Jacob palette exercise.
I enjoyed using the cad orange!

Think I forgot to mention that with all of the palettes, we include a white.

After lunch Marc demo'ed again.

He is looking at this (my shot is at a little different angle) -

We were watching and trying to listen to Marc 
while the swallows were noisily feeding their babies in the rafters of the shelter.

I didn't catch a photo of the swallows, but they had nests up under the roof.

Love this big handful of brushes Marc was using.

Marc's finished painting! 
(mostly ... he signed it ... just a few more touches ...)

So - some fun news! Marc and this very painting 
will be in a video on the
It is their 2nd Annual "Live" Plein Air Art Show and the first day was today.
Tomorrow will be another video and another painting, and Marc will do it again for the last one on Friday.


Detail of the lilacs in the painting.


Tomorrow we will paint again and are really hoping it will be dry! 
We were lucky and missed the rain this afternoon.

Cheers to plein air painting!

(and thank you for your support!)


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Chris Lally said...

I'm really enjoying this series. What an opportunity for you! Thanks for sharing it with us, Teri.