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Workshop with Dominik - Day 3

 I am so glad I found out this weekend - 
6. Do NOT use Walnut Alkyd Medium mixed with Liquin for your medium when you paint in the RAIN. That is the only thing we could think of that allowed the rain to wash away the paint! It must be a tad bit water soluble?

This was the painting that got splashed. 
(The values are too close - it is a WIP.)
I blended in the spots before taking the photo - dang it.

Yes, it was chilly and it rained on us, 
so we hid under the shelter (the one in the background of the photo above) to paint for the rest of the day.

But before we moved to the shelter, Dominik demo'ed again.

 Not sure why but I didn't get a photo of his finished painting. 
But this is it nearly done.

7. Distance - transparent paint (seen very clearly here in his demo)
8. Foreground - opaque

Blue Mist over Eagle River     oil on board    6 x 8
Last painting of the weekend. 
The rain produced a misty vapor over the river and this painting captures the feeling of rain, mist, beach, river ...

This is a keepsake for me 
because Dominik had his hand in it for the finish.

Here is my "learned" list all in one spot:
1. Primary colors, best quality paint, mix up incredibly vibrant and an almost infinite number of colors.
2. Each color has a complement, and in each complementary color, all 3 primaries are there!
Yellow & Violet = yellow, red + blue
Blue & Orange = blue, yellow + red
Red & Green = red, yellow + blue
3. Leave OUT the detail!
4. Mix your colors first.
5. Exaggerate shapes.
6. Do not use Walnut Alkyd in the rain.
7. Transparent paint in the distance.
8. Opaque for foreground.
and last should I never forget ...
9. Keep track of values, values values!!!
A few more comments about the way the workshop was run:
  • Beginning with the color chart - mixing paint sounded elementary, but it was definitely informative, and I will do it again (and again ...)
  • Dominik's demo's were very constructive with questions answered patiently and clearly
  • Suggestions to help make our paintings more interesting were explained and shown with permission
  • Our critique on the final night was important to sum everything up and to see everyone's work. (And we all tried to critique without using the word "like" ... try it! It's hard!)
Thanks to Juneau Plein Rein Painters (especially to Pua and Cristine) and "Dziekuje" to
Dominik for a fun and enlightening workshop!
For those interested, check out Dominik's
 YouTube channel (this link is Bolivia) 
videos of his adventures.


Chris Lally said...

Wow! Thanks so much for putting all that effort into sharing your workshop experience. You sound like one happy customer. Love all your workshop paintings - so awesome to have a "keepsake" painting. Lots of info to digest. Will check out his Bolivia video tonight. Thanks, Teri!

Teri said...

Let me know what you think about Dominik's Bolivia trip, Chris - they did a great job with the production. He had some great stories about the Canol Road trip, Antarctica and more!