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Nancy T Workshop - Final Day

How did the days go by so fast? 

After our third full day of painting, 
we all went to a place called The Oasis on Lake Travis 
on the outskirts of Austin for some social time. 
We may or may not have had a margarita ...

A very exciting aspect for me on this trip, besides visiting our daughter and taking Nancy's workshop
was that I got to meet Qiang Huang!! (Click that link for his website!) 
He is one of my very favorite contemporary painters and I follow his blog. 
I have not been able to take his workshop, but would love love love to - one day.

Qiang and his lovely wife, Yuehong Song hosted Nancy Tankersley's workshop at the Anderson Mill Garden Center. 
Song was our organizing force for the workshop 
and I am sure she did much more work behind the scene. She was efficient and so sweet.

Yuehong Song and Qiang Huang

Nancy's demo today - Day 4 - focused on indoor photos where the light source is not the sun. 
She called it a tonal painting; the real color of the subject not affected by light and shadow.

Nancy's painting early on
At last I got the photo after she signed it. Really luscious, juicy paintstrokes.
My final day's notes:

18. When the day has no strong light (as often it is here in SE AK) or indoors, patterns are the goal
19. In a tonal painting colors will often be richer because you need to look for more color pattern
20. Repeat shapes
21. No symmetry
22. Darks are not as dark as outdoors
23. Values are closer together
24. Transitions are not too abrupt (it would make it feel like sunlight)
25. Look at your balance (your signature might do it!)
26. "Little rewards" = your big shapes attract from across the room, then a little detail can show up when you get up close!

But I didn't work on a tonal painting. What I worked on this last day was a portrait. 
The only thing I can post is this notan, from my photo in my ValueViewer app because I haven't even told my friend, who I painted, that I did it!
She might even recognize it anyway.

(I will post the finished painting after I ask my friend for permission. 
Or I might save the painting for a show we are applying for. 
So maybe she won't see it for a bit ...)

Reminder to check out the following for beautiful artworks - 

Thank you so much Nancy Tankersley - for a very fun, very educational painting workshop! 
Thank you Qiang and Song for all the work getting us all together, and hosting.
Thank you to my husband for driving in that crazy Austin traffic!

AND - thanks to all who are checking in to hear about the workshop.
I hope some of Nancy's tips will help you too. 
If you ever have the chance to take a workshop from Nancy, do it!

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