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Salon Challenge #2 (part 1)

Our 2nd salon challenge was decided 
by picking items out of a hat.
(I mean the written word of the item.)  
We just blurted out things that might
be interesting to paint in a 

Cubist Still Life

and picked 4 out of a hat. We chose:

1 - A gourd or pumpkin
2 - An old shoe
3 - A round glass "thing" or bottle
4 - A sea shell

 I sketched my items, from all different perspectives, 
onto brown paper with charcoal 
and cut them out.

I wanted to make my cubism still life as a tondo 
because I had seen some cubist paintings made that way.

Examples of tondo shapes (they can be oval too):

Picasso - Still Life With Chair Caning - 1912

Braque - Still Life With Violin - 1914

Picasso and Braque as you may know

invented cubism.

We chose an 8 color palette:

Alizarin Crimson Permanent    
Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Blue    
Yellow Ochre
Dioxizine Purple    
Phthalo Green    

Sketchbook sketch (about 5 x 5 inches)

I thought I might use more dividing lines, but I didn't.

Here is my sketch onto a panel 24" square.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our challenge!

I will reveal all of our creations 
and any comments that might be helpful 
for anyone who might like to try this.

Thank you so much for checking in
and Happy December 1
Happy Painting!


Luann McVey said...

Teri, this glimpse into your artist process intrigues me so much! Thank you for sharing it. The steps you followed show me the curiosity and observation you practice, moment to moment, as you firm these images on the paper. I can’t wait to see your finished work, in color!

❤️With admiration,

Teri said...

💕thanks so much Luann! Stay tuned 😊

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Thanks for sharing this, Teri, I found it fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing the completed artwork.

Teri said...

Hi Julie! Thank you for checking in and commenting. Yes, I am posting the next part soon!