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Happy New Painting Year!

It seems like people's attention is more attuned 
these days to Instagram and Facebook (those links go to my pages at those sites).

So sometimes I post my painting snippets to those social media sites.

But since this is a painting journal - of sorts - for me, 
I will continue putting my progressions with more detail here in this blog.

The story of Ann ...

On our trip to the East Coast last fall, 
I snapped a photo (in an airport)
of a lady with lots of personality. 

I made this sketch of her. 

Found a board for my substrate. (Matt cut it for me.)
I coated it with PVA.

Scratched in her basic form (bust) on a dark brown (oil) underpainting.

It dried quickly using my special medium*. 

 Nearly finished, with wet paint, I added my sig.

"Ann"   Oil on wood panel  18 x 12 inches

As you see here, Ann is a companion piece to Nan.
All I need now is a frame.

Thanks so very much for checking in.

Happy New Year everyone!
Happy painting!

*Let me know if you want the recipe.


Chris Lally said...

Wow! What a beautiful painting, Teri! Love the progression shots.
From someone who prefers blogging to Facebook or Instagram, thanks for the great post.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Fabulous progress shots. It was amazing watching it come alive.
It makes me happy to know you are still posting on your blog.
Me too! I am also doing both social media and my blog. I do not post "new" paintings on Instagram or Facebook. I leave that for my blog with more content. I miss some of the other bloggers who only do the social media anymore.
I guess it depends if you want to share more or not. I loved this post, thank you.

Teri said...

Chris - Thank you so much! I confess I haven't been even on my blog for a bit, so I didn't see this, or Julie's comment either until now. Ooops. I am happy to have your feedback for this painting!

Teri said...

Julie! I really appreciate your comments about this painting! I do not often comment on your (or anyone's) blog (although I did on yours the other day and somehow lost the whole thing, then adding a comment later that didn't seem to go with the thread ...meh... anyway ...). I like your idea to post only progressions on fb or ig, suggesting to viewers to click to the blog to see the final.
Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to have you write!