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Painting on the easel today - gulp ...

I like to challenge myself, 
but I may have bitten off more than I can chew today ...
I saw this photo on Instagram back in July 
and told myself that I wanted to try to do my version of it in (oil) paint.

Ilulissat, Greenland - photo by Evelyn Hannon

So I actually wrote to Evelyn Hannon to ask her permission to try it. 
She graciously said yes!

Evelyn writes the website http://journeywoman.com/ and
I follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/evelynhannon/.

If you have not been to her website or looked at her IG, 
please check it out. 
She takes some amazing photos and travels all over the place! 
A woman after my own heart!

Initial sketch to get my head around what to do. (approx 7 x 9 inches, pencil)

Found some 10 x 12 inch panels I had prepared sitting nearby, 
and decided this to be a perfect size. 
It would be so great to have a big studio to make some GIANT paintings, tho'
like 50 x 60 inches!)

So this is what is on the easel so far. I will post again with further progress (I hope!).

Thanks for checking in!

Happy happy painting!

btw - who is out painting in the snow? 
We actually have some - I need to get out!!!!


Jackie French said...

Hello Teri: I love the picture and can't wait to see what your vision is for the painting. I've been following Evelyn Hannon for many, many years. I love her adventurous spirit and the amazing photos that she posts.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I am excited to see this develop. I love the photo and can see why you felt the pull to paint it.
Thank you for the link - Evelyn is quite remarkable with her eye for a photo.

Chris Lally said...

Wow! What an awesome reference photo. And you are definitely up to the challenge, my friend!
Thanks for the link. I am looking forward to diving into Evelyn's blog.