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Ilulissat progress

I made the sketch seen on the previous post
 to familiarize myself with the scene of 
the village of Ilulissat, in Greenland,
and made a copy of that pencil sketch 
 so I could add some color with watercolor sticks.

Derwent "Artbar" watercolor sticks - don't think they make them anymore (?).

In the photo below, my colored sketch is to the left of the painting.
I don't know about you,
but to see the photo in black & white and do the sketches
helps me to get the painting set in my mind.

(Even then, things happen when painting that weren't planned -
sometimes good, sometimes ... oops.)

Pretty happy with this start.

Thanks for looking in - and if you are a painter doing 
the February 28 Paintings in 28 Days,
I wish you happy painting!


Julie Ford Oliver said...

WOW! you have nailed the light on the roofs. This is a fascinating post for me and will look forward to seeing it continue to develop.

Chris Lally said...

Love your start, Teri! Looking forward to seeing more!

Teri said...

Julie - thanks for commenting even in the midst of your move! and Chris, stay tuned - should be posting soon.