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Red Flower Pots


Texture. Texture. Texture.
Say that word enough times 
and it begins to sound just ridiculous.

But - I picked out a canvas that I had gessoed long ago
and either had some thick gesso left over 
a thick acrylic medium of some kind 
that I dripped and dropped on the canvas. 

It left a nice texture. 

I have oodles of "to paint" photos on my computer, 
 so I found a nice flower photo that I thought might work
on this textured canvas. 

The following are a few pics of my painting process.

For the composition, I used a photo I took at my Mom's house.  
(The flower pot b&w on the iPad shows in the photo above.)

Not sure what I had in mind when I put a greenish underpainting with 
some purple and blue smears of paint on the canvas ...
 but along with the texture, it makes a good underpainting now.

You can see the drippy texture 
under those first drawing brushstrokes. 
It doesn't look very nice at this stage.

About a third of the way done.

Red Flower Pots         oil on canvas        8 x 8 inches

The combo of reds, purples and greens are nice - quite a simple palette.

This was a really fun painting to do on a couple of cold February days. 

๐Ÿ’—Happy Valentine's Day!๐Ÿ’–

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