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Ilulissat painting

I have been painting away on this little Greenland landscape and having
fun with the quaint houses that are impossibly
placed together on the rocky hillside.

The underpainting was a warm brown tone that still peeks
through in spots on the finished piece. 

I hope the eye moves 
from the bottom left in an "S" shape, 
or maybe it is a "C" shape ... a zigzag?
- winding up to the top left.

Some of the houses mysteriously changed color :)

As you see in these progression shots, 
more and more houses were appearing.

I counted 25 or 27 buildings, or what could be buildings.

I think those are kayaks near the shore up on their racks, 
and there is some kind of antennae on almost every house.

The smooth rocks in the foreground must have been rounded by glaciers.



A reminder of what I started with:
photo by Evelyn Hannon of the travel website http://journeywoman.com/

And this is my interpretation of that photo:

Village of Ilulissat, Greenland    10 x 12 inches   oil on panel

I would like to thank Evelyn Hannon again for giving me permission
to use her wonderful photo of this sweet village in Greenland.

I think this was a good exercise.

Thank you so much for following along!

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