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Eagle Beach, Alaska - plein air painting!

Yesterday, a group of plein-air painters sailed to Juneau on a big cruise ship and some of our group bundled them in cars and set off for Eagle Beach.

Their group was lead by artist Larry Seiler and it was part of a bigger organized group doing a painting cruise/tour of the inside passage. Here he is telling some painting secrets before beginning his own painting.

The name of the painting tour was the Great Alaskan Plein Air Painting Retreat
sponsored by The Painted Ladies, a painting group in Willow, AK.

Eagle Beach thumbnail sketch  2x3 inches, pencil

I probably should have sat and listened while he spoke, but felt just a little awkward since I hadn't even introduced myself yet and there were lots of people around, so I 
headed down onto the beach and found a little scene to paint. 
I remembered to begin with a thumbnail!

Here is my scene:

and my set-up and partially done painting:

And I forgot to take a photo when I finished, and here it is finished, but I took photo today:

Eagle River      8x10 inches     oil on archival canvas panel
 Yep, an eagle (a brown young one) flew right over me ... also lots of Canada Geese 
honking away as they flew over the river.

I saw whales spouting and lots of people hiking on the Boyscout Trail 
over there on the other side of the river...a beautiful trail, btw - you should go hike it.

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