Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


What is a good story?

Chapter 5
"Tell Good Stories"

The only thing I know is that when blogging, 
words make a ton of difference (so does grammar ... ! ...) 
and the the stories should be short
It is not often that I linger over a blog that has tons written (unless it is very very good).

So my philosophy when I began this blog (2008) is to make my posts short and hopefully sweet.

Here, directly from the book 
(that book again, for those who have forgotten, is "Show Your Work!" by Austin Kleon), 
is a John le Carré
quote regarding a good short story:

" 'The cat sat on a mat' is not a story. 
'The cat sat on the dog's mat' is a story."

I am not a good writer, so I paint, and I tell the story of how I paint in short blurbs ... this post is already almost too long for me.

So here is a continuation of the final study for my triptych:

I will actually be combining details from each of the studies for the large triptych.

I have the stretcher frames (thanks to my very talented wood-worker husband), the canvas (thanks to Mr. Blick), and the gesso (thanks also to Blick).

I will be posting some cool stuff about raku firing (ceramics) in the next few posts, however, because I was asked to come help with that event on Mother's Day!

Thanks for checking in!

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