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30th Painting in 30 Days! - January

Yahoo! Last day in-a-row!

Robert Henri tells me,

"Now, after all this, your sketch is very handsome, fine in color - showing your talent admirably. Why don't you take it as a subject to work out, to study, and to bring to a full completion. Suppose you take a larger sized canvas - say 26 by 32, or some such size, and go at this very subject - not a flighty, hurried way, but as a student - like a builder - to make something that will be wholly satisfying to you. Not a picture to be more "finished" in the common sense, but one to be finished in this other sense, which will please you.  ... It can't be done in an afternoon. It may take some time and many intervals for consideration. The time does not matter if by it you get your whole idea of art moved forward."

Even before I read that quote in The Art Spirit, it was an idea 
I was considering. 
Egads, what if I took all 30 and made big ones? 
... I think maybe just a select one or two ...

2:10 pm Juneau    8 x 6 inches    oil on Arches Huile paper

(I like b&w better than the color.)

Check out Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Blog, especially tomorrow when we all will have a collage of our 30 paintings.

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