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30in30 - Day 15!

Hoppy Poppy

Half the month is finished! Wheee!

We have been brewing beer for a couple of months now. One batch was brewed with our son, Olin, and he and his girlfriend have a puppy named Poppy
 - you might see the connection ...
I have a couple more progress photos today.

first sketch

 charcoal sketch and then the alcohol wash

painting before signature and before removing the tape

Hoppy Poppy     8 x 6 inches    Oil on Arches Oil Paper

I must give credit to the artist who did the sketch of Poppy that we then used for the beer label - our son's girlfriend, Patricia! She did an excellent job of capturing Poppy's character and it just makes me smile every time I see it.
I am pretty happy with this fast painting. I didn't use the palette knife much today.

There are some fantastic paintings over at Slices of Life by Leslie Saeta, so you should check them out! Leslie's painting today just buoys me up! (so sorry...)

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