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30in30 - Day 21

Red Cabbage

Did you know?
Cole slaw made of red cabbage is slightly better for you than green cabbage cole slaw because of vitamins A, C and iron content in the red. 
However, green has more vit K.

eating any kind of cabbage or cole family crop is good for you! 
Who doesn't like it? 
It lasts the longest in the vegetable drawer in the fridge! (good thing, for me) And there are so many ways to prepare - i.e. Bubble&Squeak, grilled, in fish tacos, stir fry, kimchi...
... but we seem to always end up making cole slaw cuz it is fast.

first, the sketch (I have a procedure that I just fall into now ... finally?)

charcoal, then alcohol wash

how it looks before tape comes off


Brassica oleracea       8 x 6 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper
I absolutely love Leslie's post today! 
My painting of red cabbage also was limited to just 5 pigments: Titanium White, Cad Yellow Light, Quinacridone Magenta, Alizarin Crimson, and Burnt Umber ... ummmm, there may have been a teensy dab of Payne's Gray.
So I should say 6.

I really loved painting this red cabbage - I like the way the core looks like a figure wailing, or something ...

Thank you for viewing!

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Chris Lally said...

I love what you see in the core of the cabbage & really love the painting!