Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


30in30 - Day 29

I've had my White River sourdough starter over 20 years and it was >100 years old when I got it. 
It makes really delicious hotcakes and bread and rolls, etc. if I treat it right ... one time I did lose it, 
but fortunately I had given some to a friend who shared it back to me!

thumbnail sketch

 charcoal sketch

 alcohol wash


Sourdough Hotcakes       6 x 8 inches       Oil on Arches Oil Paper


We had sourdough hotcakes for breakfast yesterday, and these were leftovers.
 I had thought to also paint our delicious Red Currant jelly - so beautifully magenta-hued (dear friends made and shared with us), but essentially ran out of time and energy! 
I was planning something - not really avant garde - but different for me ... (it was going to be a little bit 3D with a tiny canvas mounted on top of this paper ...)
I will try it when I do have more time, and probably use real canvas or board rather than paper.
I wonder if Leslie would like some real sourdough someday ... perhaps she already has some. On her
today she revealed she loves to entertain even more than she enjoys cooking. If you don't know, she holds her painting workshops in her home and one evening makes the class a homemade gourmet meal! She has lots of energy.

I am glad that I did have the energy to do a painting a day for September. Tomorrow is the last day. Guess I had better search the fridge.

Thanks for viewing my paintings!


Chris Lally said...

I think I can smell those delicious sourdough hotcakes here in NW Oregon! Great painting, Teri!

Teri said...

NW Oregon! A girl after my own heart! I was born in Portland and my folks live in Gaston! Thanks so much for your comment, Chris!

martine paquet said...

Looks so good :-)