Welcome! This blog began as an assignment in a digital art class. That was in 2008. I decided to keep it going as my art journal. It is fascinating for me to see how a painting develops, so this is where I post my painting progressions and exciting new things I find on creative blogs and websites. I hope you will learn along with me about painting, drawing and all kinds of art.


30in30 - Day 20

Matcha Delight
Honesty, Quality & Authenticity
This matcha green tea powder from AOI Tea (those 'words to live by' are on the container) has been in my fridge for some time. 
I've been meaning to get it out and have some and today is the day!

Matcha Delight       6 x 8 inches      Oil on Arches Oil Paper

This Japanese matcha green tea is exactly those colors! Use the little bamboo spoon to dip 1 or 2 scoops of the powder into the tea bowl (in this case it is again a little ceramic bowl that I made). Add a bit of hot but not boiling water and whisk with the bamboo whisk 
until the tea gets foamy. Sip.

Leslie's blog today reveals that she loves Paris! I hope to find out if I will love Paris one day.

Whisking right along - this is the 20th painting of Stuff In My Fridge.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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